God Talisman 300pcs package

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*Note: You need to own the game first (Cart or Digital copy)* 

All service 100% safe and satisfaction guaranteed, local play & online play all work, and the service will not affect your progress. 

You can choose the god talisman we have made package  (300pcs) the god talisman perfect for your Equipment skills 

PM or Discord me at ajsomi#3743 for clarifications 

I will need your Switch to save data for this service,

To upload save data to Nintendo Cloud Server, you must have Nintendo online subscription. 

Please finish the prologue and tutorial, unlock the storage box, and upload your saved data to the cloud, must turn off the auto-upload function, send me your login information, we will mod it for you.

You should receive a security code by email, so pay attention to it, and send it to me. Thanks. 

To backup your saved data into the cloud,

  1. From your home screen, go to System Settings.
  2. Select Data Management on the left.
  3. Select Save Data Cloud
  4. Select your User Profile
  5. Select the Game
  6. Press Y to Update
  7. Select Back Up Save Data, ensure both cloud and console timestamps are the same.
  8. Disable Auto Backup for now until my services are complete

To retrieve your save after our service, 

  1. From your home screen, go to System Settings.
  2. Select Data Management on the left.
  3. Select Save Data Cloud
  4. Select your User Profile
  5. Select the Game
  6. Press Y to Update
  7. Select Download Save Data
  8. Enable Auto Backup to turn back on this feature

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